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The links on this page are from Attorney Falk's personal collection of web based resources. While the accuracy or availability of the information found at these sites can not be vouched for or guaranteed, they will serve as a useful starting point for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of the various aspects of the entertainment industry, entertainment law, Internet law and copyrights. These pages will open in a new window and are not a part of this web site.

Attorney Falk invites you to explore, and would be delighted to discuss any questions that arise as you proceed.

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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Useful starting point for a primer in what trademarks are. The database is searchable, and may at least allow you to rule out the obvious conflicts

U.S. Copyright Office

A good primer on the different types of copyrights, and what rights a copyright holder has.

Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act Of 1995 Hypebot

An excellent music industry news, tips and information blog.