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This office concentrates in Entertainment and Music Law with an emphasis on clear and sound fundamentals: business organization, band agreements, personal management agreements, recording and production agreements, publishing agreements, endorsement agreements, the careful acquisition and protection of intellectual property rights, and general contractual matters.

Our goal is to create a cooperative and non adversarial environment of good faith and fairness, where all parties to an agreement would be willing to take either side of the final deal.

Personal Management Agreements

Recording Agreements

Production Areements

Producers' Agreements

Publishing & Co-Publishing Agreements

Copyright & Trademark

Intra-Band Agreements

Business Organization

Merchandising Agreements

Rights of Publicity

Endorsement Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Work-for-Hire Agreements

Performance Agreements, Technical & Hospitality Riders

Employment Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Session Musician Agreements

Touring Sideman Contracts

Photographers' Agreements & Releases

Talent Releases

Music Business Consulting


Internet Marketing Consulting

Fan Clubs


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