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When you started your first band, if it was like mine, it didn't really matter if the guys could play their instruments, as long as they were your best buds. Then, things got serious, and it was time to lose the drummer who couldn't play straight, or wasted.

What did it take to get rid of that guy? Did he take some of the microphones? A couple pars and fresnels? Did he want his share of the van in cash? And what was that van worth, now...?

Now that you're serious, you know that the people in your band are more like co-workers and less like best buds. And you know that all marriages don't last forever, no matter how much you are in love at the beginning.

Intra-band Agreements are like pre-nuptial agreements. It's a plan for how things come apart, if they have to come apart. Who gets the name? Who owns the CDs?

Avoid ugly surprises, nasty fights, or worse. Now, while everybody is happy, is the time to plan for what might come.

It sounds a lot like life insurance - and you just don't want to deal with it - but, unlike life insurance, you'll see the benefit in your own lifetime, and you may have already had a taste of what it's like to break up a band without an agreement.

Don't go through it again, and don't let it hold up your career.

Get a band agreement in place as soon as you think this is the group.

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