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Once the domain of the Beatles and the Monkees, fan clubs have become, in the last decade, for some, big business. Not just an avenue for selling T-shirts and autographed pictures, bands that get it, know that a properly managed fan base is the economical key to concert sellouts, fan-voted awards, radio & television airplay and increased record sales.

Rob Falk tore apart and rebuilt the Aerosmith Fan club in 1993, and transformed that organization from a monetary and reputational liability into a sleek promotional vehicle; satisfying fans while turning a profit by pioneering such innovations as club conventions, national and international travel packages, preferred concert seating, automated telephone hotlines, and what are now known as “street teams,” and guerilla marketing operations.

Proper fan club management is an art and a science. This office can show you how to get the most out of your fan base while simultaneously giving your fan base what it wants most.

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