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Personal Management Agreements

And the runner up is...

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Other than the Major Label Deal, this has got to be the most popular item in all of Entertainment Law. And why not? Just as the man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client, any entertainer who is serious about having a real show business career needs a real manager or a real job.

When choosing a manager, chemistry and track record are important, but the deal, as in all areas of business, is crucial. Look to the Management Contract as a rule-book: it tells you what needs to be done, who does it, who gets paid , who pays, and what happens when someone's not happy.

A manager who stuffs a band with a sharp contract is getting off on the wrong foot.

A manager who doesn't cut a good deal for himself can't be expected to make much of a deal for the band.

This office strives to negotiate even-handed, fair agreements for managers and bands.

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