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Perhaps. A great deal of time and energy has been spent, and many lives lost in mindless pursuit of a recording agreement. But, in this millennium, one must question whether or not a recording agreement – with a major label, or any label – is really the destination of choice for a musician or group on the move.

The short answer: Maybe.

But, there are many more qualifiers than ever before. A musician or group must really know exactly what they seek and what they want to be, before signing on the dotted line and handing over their eternal soul to the man. There are more alternatives to a Major Recording Agreement than ever before – and we're not just talking about alternative labels. Have you considered a successful career in the music business without a recording agreement?

Question 1.0: Is a recording deal right for you?

Question 2.0: (Only if the answer to Question 1 is Yes ): Which recording deal is right for you?

Question 0.5: How may lawyers have asked you Question One?

This office will be delighted to negotiate your recording contract for you. We'd also be delighted to help you decide if you really want one.

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