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When Rob Falk was involved with management on a daily basis, our company had a simple rule. No one, not anyone, gets in a picture, video, film, sound studio, on stage, or anywhere near any of our artists without first signing a release.

The result, we could use all of our material without having to hunt down someone's cousin's friend's brother for their permission.

Even if you ultimately get a permission without paying an additional fee, the time and expense of tracking down people later can be prohibitive. Deadlines can be missed, amazing material held back from a project, or, perhaps worst of all, lawsuits brought over allegedly misused material. All of this can be avoided by proper paperwork at the proper time.

This office has implemented a variety of forms and agreements, each to be used under appropriate conditions and circumstances. It dovetails neatly with our confidentiality agreement program, and like most things legal, it is easiest and least expensive to start now, and not wait until later.

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