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In the abstract, there is nothing at all wrong with work-for-hire agreements. In fact, we advise many of our clients to hire their studio musicians - and other creative types, like photographers and graphic artists - under work-for-hire contracts.

What isn't right is having someone take advantage of you:

• Did you understand that you were being hired for a work-for-hire gig, or is this paper something that got stuck in your face when you went to get paid? Don't let someone hold up your payday with unfair demands...

• What is the intended use of the material you are contributing to? It's one thing if the work is for a demo; it may be another deal entirely if you are tracking a master. Is the deal you are being offered enough now if you are waiving all future payment?

Some times work-for-hire is the right way to go. Sometimes it is not. Each situation calls for thoughtful analysis, and should never be a last minute, take it or leave it proposition.

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