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Working hard to assist good musicians, good managers, and good independent labels become good business people so that they can develop the methods and the plans they need to survive and to thrive in these challenging and rapidly changing markets.

Practice concentrated in the areas of Entertainment and Music Law, Copyrights, Trademarks, Contracts and Internet Law

Personal Management Agreements

Recording Agreements

Production Areements

Producers' Agreements

Publishing & Co-Publishing Agreements

Copyright & Trademark

Intra-Band Agreements

Business Organization

Merchandising Agreements

Rights of Publicity

Endorsement Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Work-for-Hire Agreements

Performance Agreements, Technical & Hospitality Riders

Employment Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Session Musician Agreements

Touring Sideman Contracts

Photographers' Agreements & Releases

Talent Releases

Music Business Consulting


Internet Marketing Consulting

Fan Clubs


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This office does not offer tax advice or strategies of any kind. You are encouraged to consult with your personal tax advisor or accountant prior to organizing any business. The tax implications of your choice of business form should be discussed and fully considered before any filing of business organizational papers. There is no accountant we can't work with!

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