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You're not just the president, you're also a client...

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I have known many entertainers who wouldn't play a show without being paid thousands of dollars, but they'd paint your house for you for a free TV or a pair of sneakers.

Endorsement deals can be all about trading goods for use of your picture in an ad, or a paragraph by you in a catalog.

But they can be so much more. They can be your smiling face in a magazine that hates you and your band. It can be your face everywhere on stuff you hate. It can be a picture of you that is so old your mother won't recognize it, running in an international magazine, for months and months and months.

This office has in–depth experience in making endorsement deals that work; making sure that the artist is protected from improper exploitation, and at the same time, well compensated for their endorsement.

Don't give away your face for a toaster. Give us a call.

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