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The right of publicity is really just lawyer talk for what you're trading when you do an endorsement deal, a merchandising deal, a licensing deal, or allow your name, image or biographical material to be used by someone other than you.

Marketing you or your band is all about advantageous uses of your right of publicity.

Keeping your name and face off of things and magazines, out of books, album covers, and all kinds of other places where it has not been specifically allowed, is all about protecting your right of publicity.

The key word in all of this is allow.

This office is experienced in knowing what to allow and what not to allow, and closing the loopholes between yes, no and maybe.

And, as in most of the other areas we have discussed here, properly establishing a program for licensing and policing your right of publicity now – before it is in heavy demand or use – is anmuch easier and less expensive job than cleaning up a poorly organized or nonexistant program later.

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