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Licensing is the best of both worlds. You get paid and you don't part with what you've got. Done properly, you even keep control.

Unlike when you sell or assign a composition or recording, when you license your property, you keep ownership. You're just letting someone else use it for a while.

Pessimists can immediately take heart - even the biggest mistake will come to an end.

Optimists need to get in touch with us – you too recognize that a well organized licensing plan will allow you to perpetually use and reuse your assets for maximum income without ever giving up any control at all.

Engineering a combination of exclusive and non-exclusive deals, in limited or non-competing markets, with well defined limits to the licenses and uses is not as hard as reading that last sentence. At least for us.

You keep writing and recording, and call us. We'll make sure you keep what you've got and get paid for it.

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