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Construction workers and builders spare no expense on their toolboxes and locks to go with them. Shouldn't you be certain that the tools of your trade are as well protected?

Proper and timely filing of copyrights on your compositions and sound recordings is good business, and insures that should someone try to take your tools, you'll have the best and most comprehensive protection afforded under international law.

Copyrights are fairly simple and straightforward. Many composers, after a short consultation, choose to file their own forms. Others know that they'll never do it and look to this office to do it for them.

Trademarks serve two functions: to protect your good name from being taken by others, and to make sure that your fans know that when they buy something with your name, or another name like it, that they are getting the real thing.

Trademarks are a bit more difficult, and a bit more expensive to register successfully. A consultation early in your career will help you to avoid using names and terms that you may not be able to protect. When it is time to file trademarks, we can make sure that you file the right terms in the right categories to maximize your protection.

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