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Merchandising Agreements are simply one form of licensing.

But, they are a very important aspect of any successful group's income stream. Merch Deals are important enough that they need to be carefully scrutinized, so that you don't give away all kinds of rights in things you and the T-shirt company never imagined, when those things pop up.

Quality control, turn around time and availability, creative control and creative input, pricing, production flexibility, retail presence are among the things that need to be examined and hashed out in a good merchandising agreement. Accounting and advances might be an important area as well!

This office's experience in Merchandising ranges back some 25 years. Give us a call if you are considering any kind of licensing deal. Clothing, posters, jewelry, calendars, bed-sheets, condoms - you name it, we've been there, and we'll do our best to make sure you get there too.

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